Day: January 1, 2018

Christopher Radko Ornaments Reindeer Anniversary Collection Large Hard To Find

Radko Anniversary Reindeer Ornaments. Saturated colors, whimsical classic ornament! . During Christopher Radko’s ownership of his company, he commissioned set production runs on each of his ornaments before breaking the molds. This ornament is hard to find. Measurements are included in photos. Ornament is a larger Radko piece. Ornament from my personal collection, displayed on family tree, stored in lined chest off season. This reindeer is in wonderful condition to…

Christopher Radko HANG ON’TIL CHRISTMAS Polish Limited Edition Ornament MINT

Christopher Radko handcrafted European Glass Ornaments —- since 1986 the art of creating mouthblown glass ornaments in old or new molds, silvering for luminosity and painting in great detail best describes Radko’s market niche. “The Best of Radko” are our picks of the very finest creative designs made during the first 20 years of Christopher Radko’s work. Until recently, these were set aside and not offered due to their exclusivity….